When you follow the sign that says 'Cactus Farm' and you're a long way from home

Just a couple of tips from me. If you end up at a cactus farm at the tail end of Summer in the middle of the day, wear suncream. Secondly, if you end up at this particular cactus farm, make sure you've got some time on your hands, because there is a LOT to learn.

Tom and I were driving home from the border of NSW/VIC one Sunday after a wedding and we saw a sign which said "Cactus Farm". Being a fan of all things tall and spiky I looked at Tom and he looked at me, and we quickly turned around and followed the sign.

It took a while to find the elusive farm, but when we found it boy were we rewarded. Turns out this little dot on the map is home to the nation's largest, most mature collection of cacti. Mr Fields who first planted the cacti garden became intested in the species after reading a boy's annual as a child which had instructions on how to graft two cacti to make a new variety. From then on he was hooked. As a young man he went off to war, but when he returned, he pursued his passion, even buying a share in a German cacti expedition. The trip resulted in Mr Fields' exotic collection of cacti from all over the world.

We were lucky enough to meet his lovely son Robert who is equally as passionate about cacti, and gave us a tour of the garden telling us many stories along the way. Seriously, if you're ever near Tennyson, you must give Robert a call and drop in. He's on 03 5488 2244.

Sophie TimothyComment