One year on {Amy + Ed}

One of the sweetest things happened recently. Both Amy and Ed contacted me independent of each other to see if I could do a surprise first wedding anniversary shoot for them. They wanted to give the gift of photos to each other, and didn't know the other person did too! I ended up having to let them know they had the same idea, otherwise it was going to get a little bit complicated. So the shoot went ahead, one night in December around the neighbourhoods that Amy and Ed have spent a lot of time: Northcote and Fitzroy. I loved this shoot for all sorts of reasons, but most of all because Amy and Ed are just lovely people. Happy Anniversary guys!

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Two stringed instruments joined as one [Paul + Liz]

Paul and Liz are one of those couples who just can't contain their love for each other. A violinist and a music teacher, the two met through a musical production, and their love is nothing short of symphonic. Their wedding took place at the Old Dalyston Deli, a lovely old church and their reception at the Korumburra Hall. A quaint country wedding on a glorious spring day, it couldn't have been more perfect.

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